Considerations to be given due weight in establishing a candidate's suitability:

  • Contributions made by him to the development and maintenance of golf in its best traditions at the club, provincial or national level.
  • His depth of experience as a golfer and his observance of the regulations and etiquette of golf.
  • His golf handicap factor shall not exceed 18 at the time of application
  • His age - to encourage younger applicants and therefore younger members, applications will be accepted if the applicant has reached has reached the age of fifty (50).  The applicant will still have to be fifty-five (55) before becoming eligible for membership. 
  • Probable participation in C.S.G.A. events, particularly the Annual Tournament.
  • His standing in the community and in his profession.
  • Business or other occupation and the significant contributions, if any, he has made
  • He is a gentleman and fun to be with, before, during and after golf.

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