USSGA Country Club of North Carolina Event

October 8th - 11th USSGA Invitational Seniors Event
at The Country Club of North Carolina

The 2017 USSGA event at the Country Club of North Carolina was a rousing success and all in attendance enjoyed the golf, great food and spectacular camaraderie. We had very exciting competition in every flight and the Ladies seemed to score particularly well in their matches. And, as usual, we were fortunate to have the 82nd Airborne All American Chorus entertain our guests on Wednesday night. 

The winners and runners up were:
Ladies ABCD –Winner – Nonie Brown, Janet Teagle & Debbie May
Ladies Like Handicap - Winner – Carol Price, Margot Rawlings & Nonie Brown
Ladies - Winner – Vicki Warner & Carole Pigott
Runner Up – Libby O’Leary & Lilo Cunningham
Flight 4 - Winner – Doug Hynden & Dick Simmons
Runner Up – Jimmy Stewart & Bob Lovell
Flight 3 - Winner – Tom Brown & Greg Gardiner
Runner Up – Marty Jacobson & Dale Moegling
Flight 2 - Winner – Art Day & Bill Clement
Runner Up – Fred Haack & Bill Pigott
Flight 1 - Winner – Bob Moriarty & Ralph Ronalter
Runner Up – Rich Bauch & Chuck Purse

Six members of the Canadian Seniors Golf Association and their spouses attended including: Gregory Gardiner, Agnes & Tod Stewart, Yolande & Raymond Jessome, Cathy Carter & John Hill, Carole & Bill Pigott and Claudia & Paul Manchester. As we have found, their participation greatly adds to the quality of the field. After the formal CCNC event, we arranged a round on Pinehurst #2 for 20 people who enjoyed a beautiful Fall day on one of the most well known courses in the world.

An invitation will be extended to CSGA Members for 2018 with the event being held in the third week of October.

Flight 3 Winner - Gregory Gardiner

Raymond Jessome 2nd from right

(R) Tod & Agnes Stewart

(R) John Hill & Cathy Carter

(L) Gregory Gardiner, Yoland & Raymond Jessome  

(L) Gregory Gardiner, Vickie Bauch, Agnes & Tod Stewart