CSGA Presents Cheque to Golf Canada Foundation

CSGA President Mike Jackson and Executive Director Ian Gibson present Golf Canada Foundation CEO Martin Barnard with a cheque for $34,775. Donations from CSGA members increased in 2017 by 40% vs 2016.

Mike, Ian and Martin applauded the CSGA member generosity and expressed hope it would continue in support of growing the game of golf and awarding 3 scholarships. Recipient profiles below.

The CSGA funds allowed Golf Canada to continue to promote the “matched funds” program, doubling the impact of the contribution.

As CEO Martin Barnard explained:

“We here at Golf Canada would like to thank the Canadian Seniors' Golf Association for your role in the success we have previously experienced with this initiative. Through your generosity, we were able to provide 26 schools across the country with our program at a subsidized cost.  In addition, the donation supported 60 in school visits, whereby 60 Future Links sites were able to visit Golf in Schools and assist with a lesson in the classroom.  This initiative provided students across the country with the invaluable experience of interacting with a golf professional.  These visits were funded through a $150 grant, awarded to the site upon the completion of the visit to help offset financial costs that otherwise would have inhibited a visit from occurring.

Golf in Schools has now grown to include over 2,800 elementary schools (27% of all elementary schools in Canada), over 50 intermediate schools (launching this school year, registrations have tripled since September) and over 300 high schools (approx. 7% of all high schools in Canada).  This translates into over 300,000 young Canadians that are being introduced to the sport on an annual basis.  As mentioned above, many of these schools have received the program due to your generosity.

We saw tremendous success with the Golf Professional Visit program and would like to continue to focus on this moving forward.   In addition, we would like to provide grants to professionals that may also want to host schools at their facility.  Providing schools with the opportunity to develop a relationship with a golf club, whether that be through an in-school visit or an offsite field trip, is invaluable towards helping to develop a student’s vested interest in the game.   The continued growth of the program and these initiatives, however, rely heavily on donations that allow schools to participate in the program at a subsidized cost, as physical education budgets continue to be reduced in schools across the country, so we thank you for your continued commitment.”

Many Thanks to all the CSGA members who generously donated to the CSGA program in support of the scholarships and Golf in Schools program. Full tax receipts from Golf Canada will be sent our before the new year.

Overseeing the administration of the CSGA funded Scholarships is CSGA patron Mr. Jim Fraser. Click Here for the 2017 list of recipients which includes a brief bio and message to CSGA donators:

2017 Scholarship Recipients are Tyler Nagano, Emily Leung and Christian Zalli.